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Farbe Industry Heat Resistance coatings are used to protect the metal surfaces from corrosion and protect the metal surface at 600 ∘C these paints are used in Areas like Power plants, high temperature lines and many more. These coatings are supplied in Single pack application

Physical Properties:

Resin Type :Polyamine based with high chemical resistance properties.
Color : Silver color
Solvents : Xylene
Weight per Liter : 0.9 ± 20 grams
Volume Solids :35%
Dry Film Thickness :15-25 microns
Coverage Area ( Theoretical ) :15-17 m2 / L ( Depends upon the DFT)
Surface :Smooth
Drying time :1-2 Hrs (Touch Dry). Hard Dry Over night
Recoating :Overnight/ 1 days
Temperature: Upto 600 Degrees C