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Farbe Industry Chemical Resistance Floor Coatings (FICE)
Farbe Industry Chemical Resistance Coatings are Solvent free Coatings which is of Polyamine based. (Code: FICE) offers excellent resistance for organic acids, Uniform, Fire resistance.
Physical Properties:
Resin Type
Polyamine based with high chemical resistance properties.
Color :  Grey
Solvents : Nil ( Solvent free Epoxy)
Weight per Liter : 1.2 ± 20 grams
Volume Solids : 100%
Dry Film Thickness
Depends upon the application like 2 to 3 mm
Surface : Smooth
Pot Life : 4-6  Hrs
Recoating : Overnight/ 1 days
Temperature : Upto 100 Degrees C

Recommended Users:
1) Structures
2) Storage tanks
3) Flat sheets
4) Concrete and many more


Clean the metal surface by performing the Sand blasting on the metal surface and
make the surface free from oil, grease or any other foreign materials before
applying Farbe Industry Rich ZInc High Polyamine build Epoxy.

Safety Precautions:

(A) Use normal precautions such as gloves, facemasks.
(B) Adequate ventilation must be maintained.
(C) Explosion proof lights & electrical equipment.
(D) Non-Sparking shoes & tools for workers in area.
(E) This product contains flammable materials. Forbid all flames, smoking and
welding in work area.
(F) Avoid breathing of vapor, contact with skin or eyes. If product comes in
contact with skin or eyes, wash thoroughly with water and obtain medical